FID Tomahawk Rim, The metal Wheel Extender, A whole package FOR LOSI 5IVE-T/DBXL
1:The unique design and it’s 5 point emulational fixation of FID Tomahawk Rim, perfectly apply to both LOSI 5IVE-T And LOSI DBXL racing cars.
2:We only use the imported material, Dupont T801 nylon, to produce the Rims, because of it’s features of super strength and toughness, resistance to abrasion and impact resistance of deformation, and so on.
3:This emulational disc Wheel Extender: It is a brand new designing scheme, It is a CHANGE, It is also a new experience and a break through from the old 6 point fixing way (Prevent deformation of the Rim wheel extender). No doubt, the FID Tomahawk Rim IS the FIRST CHOICE to all the Racing car fans.
4:The Rims we put on sale are 2 colors: Red and Black
5: 1 set contains 2 Rims and the matched Wheel extenders for installing, so for one car please purchase 2 sets.
6:It designed for the LOSI original inner foam, as well as for the 5T inner foam which is made in China. No doubt, this upgraded Rim is the preferred choice to you – the XL fans