FID Rotatable Gas Mask, All-metal Vertical Air Cleaner FOR LOSI 5IVE-T
FID Gas Mask vertical Air Cleaner  is consist of 3 layers of air cleaner foam, it is an innovative design which is specially designed for the complex environment of the RC engine. First we used an air cleaner paper as the top layer for filtering tiny sand and fine dust.  Inside of it, we used the double layer imported foam to prevent fine dust from getting in.
FID Gas Mask vertical Air Cleaner have a function of rotating,  it rotates freely from angle  0°-45°
All the joining positions are well sealed by O-rings in order to prevent of engine carburetor from dust gets in.
This is a product of innovation, it increases of service life of the engine. The using environment can be: the dirt road, the dust or sand road, normal road and even lawn and so on. The match engines are 23CC-29CC,ZENORH, CY,  etc.